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Philosophy and history

We love to be a host than four generation.

The head of the house cooks for you in the kitchen and personally takes care of every homemade
cake.At the reception and in the office, the boss and junior boss will take care of your needs and
will be happy to answer your questions.

Our family business has existed for 55 years and we are there for you every day to give you some
nice days in tour region Lüneburger Heide.

Come as guest and return as friend of our house: That is our goal! 365 days a year!
The Hotel Heiderose looks back on a comparatively very young history.
Where the hotel stands today, a simple family house was built in 1934 by Gottfried and Adele
Bartels, the parents of today's senior boss Magda Wischhof.
1965 was built a small cafe in the living room of the parents' house with a few seats inside and
around 80 seats on the terrace.

The first development took place in 1970/71.
17 guest rooms and a dining room with a small hall were created.
In 1983 we founded our own carriage business, which supplemented the offer in addition to food,
drinks and the option of staying overnight.

In 1983 a former family villa, the "Landhaus Heideschmiede", with swimming pool and sauna, was
bought about 800m from the Heiderose.

In 1989/90 Hotel Heiderose was completely closed and rebuilt from November to May.
This was followed by a gigantic conversion, expansion and extension to today's half-timbered
hotel. The foundation walls of the "Heiderose" remained partially in place, were newly faced,
reinforced and raised. The result is a three star hotel with 37 rooms, of which 33 are double rooms
and 4 single rooms.

In 1995, the Landhaus Heideschmiede was expanded and since then has 20 rooms and
supplemented the range of rooms as a guest house.
Located in the middle of the nature reserve, in the small heath village of Wilsede, the "Wilseder
Hof" in 1998 was taken over.
With six double rooms, it offers the ideal holiday accommodation for those who love peace and
quiet, as there is no car traffic and you are only surrounded by nature all around.

The last project was in 2020 when we build „Heidjers Hus“ close to Hotel Heiderose with 6 luxury
holiday flats to rent.

Maybe there are some new plans for the future, you never know.